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Social Media

Social Media Marketing :-
Human Is A Kind Of Social Animal. It’s Our Nature To Live In Groups That’s Called
Societies. We Need Each Other’s In Our Life In Our Works It Could Be Businesses,
Factories, Farming, Mining, Ruling Etc… Like That The Importance Of Each Other Builds
Our Society…After Computer Age We Are Also Depends One To Others In Same Passion No
Days We Have Many Or We Can Say N’ Number Of Social Media Platforms. Where We Do
Surfing In Friends Or Relatives Life In The Face Of Our Unique User Profiles Like
Different Email ID’s, Phone Numbers, Portals And More Categories… It Could Be
Calling, Texting, Video Calls, Malling Any Form Of Information Exchange 1-1 Or One
To Many… So Friends Today Our Business Also Using These Platforms For Growing Our
Business, Product, Company, Our Resumes Portfolio-Profiles Anything We Can Share &
Exchange To Our Friends And Colleagues. If We Like Something So We Talk To Other And
Share Experiences Of That Think And We Offer To Take It Another One For Their Use
Like Any Product, Services, Hospitality, Cloths, Movies, Games, Airlines Experience …
Like Anything We Share With Our Friends And Then These Friends To Theirs Friends And
It Became A Chain And That’s How Our Business Do / Run Today…

A man playing music

When we talk ab the today’s Social Media Marketing then a Story comes in our mind ab bagpiper man and the city Rats. He play a Music on his Instrument and all the Rats follow him and where ever he go they go behind him The Bag piper man control there minds and Rats succumbed in front of the Bag piper man and they are follow him Blindly 

Not exactly same like that story but today whatever we buy form the E-commerce website / Online Shopping Sites we use to share about that product with ours friends on the Internet (Social Media friends) we discus about its looks services, quality, durability and most important its Price after offer discount on certain date Limits one kind of we are pressing or requesting our friend to go for that product. This is called Mouth Marketing and its so powerful and it turn window shopper in to a customer. with the help of Social media Platforms we can Promote Our Product, Our Company, Our Business in the Form of Text, Image, and Videos Example :- 

Man with the Villon
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